Tuesday, 30 October 2018


Over the last few months I have heard more and more beauty bloggers/vloggers raving on about the Girls With Attitude lashes and the more they did this then the more I felt like I had to try them, therefore, when I was in Primark  I finally managed to pick up a pair of their lashes and I'm so excited to share my thoughts on them. 

One thing I instantly have to commend GWA on is their lush packaging, it's honestly so nice. When I had seen them in the store the packaging automatically caught my eye and I found it instantly striking. The lashes do come with a little pot of glue which is always a bonus but I normally stick to the DUO Adhesive dark tone glue as I swear by it but if you don't have one it's really handy that GWA give you the glue with the lashes anyways. 

I picked up the style"Tempt Me" but there is a huge variety of different lash styles on offer which is always a bonus. The lashes apply really well and look extremely flattering when they are on, however, I did have difficulty getting them to stay on as you can see in this video but that was my fault more than anything. The lashes are very lightweight and were extremely comfortable to wear which i'm so happy about. I believe that lashes completely transform a look and these definitely did, they cost £3.00 which I actually think is really good for lashes, especially considering they are reusable so it's definitely worth heading into Primark and having a look or even shopping on their website.

I now have numerous different pairs of these lashes as I am honestly obsessed and I love how affordable they are so I had to stock up on them. I would definitely recommend that you give GWA a go though. 

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