Wednesday, 12 September 2018


I'm really excited to be writing this post as I am finally the proud owner of a Tarte product, not to be dramatic or anything but this is kinda a big deal to me. I am actually a little late on posting this but anyways, I was in TK Maxx  and came across this Tarte skin twinkle lighting palette volume 2 which normally retails for £37 on the Tarte website but I was lucky enough to get it for £26 in TK Maxx  which I am very happy about. 

Before I give you my first impressions of the actual product, can we take a moment to appreciate this packaging, it is honestly gorgeous and I am completely obsessed with it. Plus the way the names rhyme with one and other is extremely satisfying to me, or is that just weird. 

This illuminating product is one of my favourite highlighting palettes I now own. It is actually powder based but it still blends really easily and applies beautifully onto the skin. There are four different shades within the palette which I think is quite good as it will suit a variety of skin tones and you can easily mix and match the shades. 

I find that the product applies really nicely and sits well on the skin, however, it doesn't last as long as I would have hoped which is kind of disappointing, if you are going to get it I would recommend applying a liquid highlighter first so that you have a base for the powder to then stick to.

I actually really like this highlighting palette as it is extremely pigmented and it looks gorgeous on so I can't not be impressed by it. The more I use it the more I actually understand why Tarte are so highly recommended. I know Tarte isn't as easily accessed within the UK, as it took me so long to finally get this one product and honestly it was by chance, but make sure you check TK Maxx  regualary as you never know what they will have and they do normally sell the products for much cheaper. 


  1. I love Tarte, and this palette looks amazing! Such a good TK Maxx find too, what a bargain xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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