Wednesday, 11 July 2018


One night I was happily scrolling through Beauty Bay and I came across Mario Badescu 's skincare range, now I have actually purchased some other bits from this brand, like the famous Drying Lotion and other facemasks which I can speak about at a different time but for now,  the aloe, herbs and rosewater facial spray    

This facial spray took me by surprise, I didn't think that I would ❤ love ❤ it so much, but I do. The spray is 100% cruelty-free and has been designed to work with all skin types.  It is one of the most hydrating and refreshing mists on the market and has multi-uses, 'setting make-up, soothing skin or a quick refreshing boost'. You really can't go wrong with purchasing this.  

Mario Badescu has actually made a few different facial sprays with other scents so there is plenty to choose from if you aren't feeling this one. I definitely want to
try the lavender one at some point.

This facial spray comes in two different sizes and two different price ranges, 118ml for £7.00 or 236ml for £11.00. I would really recommend getting yourself one of these facial sprays, it is easily one of the best-priced makeup setting sprays and has much more benefits to the skin than any other.



  1. I've heard so much about these! I almost bought one in urban outfitters yesterday xxx

  2. I knoooow, beauty bay has all the products from that brand!
    I heard the whitening mask is great if you have acne scars. I have yet to try that.
    Could I use this mist to fix my makeup?


    1. ohh I must put that mask on my list then, yes you definitely could x

  3. I have this spray and I agree with everything you have said, it's brilliant! Great post! Amelia Xxx

  4. Need to try this as it looks and sounds incredible and such a fab price!
    Love the photos!
    Kate Xxx

  5. My co-worker put me on this and it's AMAZING! I pair this with Mario eye cream, Clinique moisturizer and soy facial cleanser. Great pick! I admit, I am not even into skincare and makeup but this persuaded me.

    xo Janiece

    1. that's so nice to hear, I must give those other products a go at some point. Thanks for the lovely comment xx

  6. How well do you find this sets your makeup? Do you reckon it extends to longevity of your makeup? :/

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  7. I love your blogs so much! So honest and real, can always rely on you!!


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