Saturday, 2 September 2017

Tayto Park

Last week my family and I drove down to Dublin to spend the day at Tayto Park and what a brilliant day it was, the weather wasn't exactly the best to begin with but it definitely did pick up throughout the day which I was so pleased with, It's definitely worth the visit but one thing I will say about Tayto Park is definitely put your walking shoes on because you'll need them.

The Rides
 There was a lot of rides to keep yourself busy with and they were brilliant, the queue's for each one wasn't that bad and the staff were super friendly which made it a lot better, my favourite ride was the big rollercoaster which is shocking because I'm not normally a fan of rollercoasters but I took a chance and it was actually a lot of fun minus the fact it literally lasted like 70 seconds.

The Zoo and Circus Show
There is actually a small zoo section at Tayto Park which was nice to stroll through as it has a few animals which definitely enjoy the attention especially the meerkats.  The circus show lasted for around 40 minutes and it was just okay if I'm being honest. 

There is a wide range of different places to go and get food, however, a little warning it's all outdoors which means you will get attacked by wasps. We ate at the outback which did amazing burgers and chips which I definitely think was my favourite part of the day. 

Gift Shop
There is actually a gift shop which has practically everything Mr Tayto, it has jumpers, pencils, pens, hoodies, teddy bears, I think that the prices are quite affordable so if you're sentimental and want to get some Tayto merchandise make sure you visit the gift shop.

The Tayto Factory
 This was a brilliant tour, I was so intrigued and impressed watching how the crisps actually get made which I find so fascinating lol. You basically walk around the building and there is various glass windows which allow you to look down at the factory and first hand witness the crisps being made and packaged.  The floor is personalised so that it is like an interactive board which moves along with each stage off the crisps and there is a few little interactive games to play throughout. 



  1. Admittedly I've never heard of this park! It looks like a fun day out with family though!!


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  3. I absolutely love meerkats! I went to Newquay Zoo recently where they had baby meerkats and could have spent hours looking at them!
    Best wishes, Gee

  4. I've never heard of here - nor have I even been to Dublin before - but it looks really fun. I've added it to my must-do visit for when I do eventually venture to Dublin for a visit! x

  5. This looks like a great place to visit. I've never been to Ireland but if I ever do I want to visit Dublin. I'll put this in my list of places to visit. Great post 😊

    1. aww thank you, hopefully you enjoy it If you ever come :)

  6. I've never heard to Tayto Park or the crisps before, but it sounds and looks like you had a wonderful day :)

    Lon x

  7. I've never heard of this place before but it looks so much fun!

  8. This looks like such a fun place to visit ❤️

  9. Love a day at the theme park and this looks like it was super fun :)
    ♥ Fran - xx

  10. Sounds like such a fun place to visit!

  11. It looks like so much fun! Love the picture of the meerkat

    Tasha x

  12. ooo ive never been it looks so fun!


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