Friday, 14 April 2017

Testing Superdrug's Colour Hairspray

I am a very open-minded person and I LOVE to experiment with new things, over the last few days I have had a sudden urge to dye my hair blue and I mean bright blue, however that wont be possible till the summer due to school, however, I didn't let that stop me. I am currently off for Easter Break and I decided to go on the hunt for some wash out dyes. Superdrug saved me. This is the first store that I tried and they didn't let me down, I didn't want to buy from a typical brand that I knew would definitely work, I wanted to be risky and experiment with a brand I have never tried before so I decided on purchasing Superdrug's Colour Hairspray.

As soon as I got I home I immediately got the spray out and tried out, I  am not going to lie I was a little bit disappointed of how little of my hair the spray actually covered, however, this was in fact my own fault as I did only use one can but considering the majority of my hair is also quite dark I was really impressed with pigmentation and the overall colour and for next time I am fully aware that if I actually want the whole hair to be covered I am in need of a lot more than one can so keep that in mind if you do try it. I would suggest you be really careful when spraying this as you can see from the image below I actually sprayed a little bit to much on one area, but as an overall I was well pleased with this product and it literally washed out as soon as I washed my hair which I was thankful for, as the big blue streak was not a good look.

When I bought this colour hairspray it was actually 2 for £5 but unfortunately there was only one blue left so I also purchased a red if you want a review of that then make sure you let me know. 
You can purchase the product below;


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