Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Revision Tips

The end of April is near which means that exam month is nearly here:( When I was younger May and June use to be my favourite months in school as we never did much but that all changed the moment I entered 4th year I'm now lower 6th and the hatred is still there, I have three A Level Exams in May and if I'm honest I haven't even thought about studying yet, stupid I know.

So I thought that today I would create a revision tips post not only for myself but also for anyone else who  is in need of it, its about time that I get myself organised and ready to smash these exams and if your reading this your more than likely in the same position.

1. Create a revision timetable- I know this sounds like such a waste of time but its honestly so effective and it helped me so much through my GCSES, its important that you know the subjects that you are going to study on that particular day so that you remain organised and are more likely to follow through with it, having a time table  makes everything a lot easier as you know that you have separated everything out and each subject is getting your time throughout the week.

2.Take regular breaks- I learned this the hard way I never use to take breaks and it became an information overload and I completely forgot everything, you don't want to become stressed and constantly sitting in front of notebooks so make sure that you only study for at least 40 minutes and take a 5-10 minute break every time.

3.Get plenty of sleep- Revision can be a very long process and it can take up a lot of time which results in people feeling sleepy, its important during the exam period that you get an adequate amount of sleep so that you keep your energy levels up and can actually take the information that you are learning in.

4.Remember to eat and drink - I understand that this actually sounds very silly but its really important, many people that I know often forget to stay hydrated and eat food as they become so engrossed in their study sessions this is really bad for you so it is vital that you avoid doing this.

5.Leave your phone in a different room- This is really important as phones are the biggest distraction when it comes to studying, I'm particularly guilty of this myself, if you want to study properly you need to have zero distractions, so make sure you get rid of your phone.

That's my five tips for revision, I would need to listen to them myself if I'm honest, but trust me it will make a difference. Good Luck revising everyone xxx


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