Sunday, 9 April 2017

My Favourite Make-Up Brushes

I feel like Make-Up Brushes do not get as much recognition as they use to when in fact they are still as amazing as ever.... well in my opinion. I understand that make-up application is such a developing thing in this day and age and we constantly find new ways to apply  make-up but I always trust my brushes, I feel like they will never let me down and I always know that it is money well spent.

I have always loved make-up Brushes since I first started messing around with make-up except I never really got to experience with as many different brands as I do now, however, I still continuously use my Real Techniques Brushes, I don't think you can get better. These are honestly my holy grail brushes, I really do not know what I would do without them I use them for practically everything. From foundation, to concealer to blusher.. you name it I use Real Techniques brushes for it. It isn't just about the quality and design of the brushes though, its the brand. Real Techniques are incredible. I have used them for a long time and have never once had a problem with any of the brushes, if you have not got any of these brushes I would strongly encourage you to try them out, they have literally taken over the make-up world, for the good of it.

The only other brushes which I would use are a  Zoeva Rose Golden Vol.2 322 Brow Line Brush which is absolutely amazing for doing your eyebrows with and  onn the rare occasion that I am attempting to apply eyeliner I would normally use the mac 210 Eyeliner Brush.

You can purchase any of these brushes from the following websites;


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