Sunday, 19 March 2017

My top 5 beauty essentials

There is nothing I love more than make-up, however, I do have a few essentials that are always my go to products when creating my every day makeup look. I am definitely a makeup hoarder and I get so much enjoyment out of testing new products but there is just some items I  simply cannot replace. 

My top 5 beauty essentials include;

 Urban Decay Vice palette
When this palette first came out I had received it as a Christmas gift and I automatically fell in love, it's just perfect. If your not a big fan of crazy colours you might not get much use out of this palette but I could not live without it, I literally use it every day.  The 20 different shades are very pigmented and really easy to blend which is just what you want, I feel like this palette is defiantly worth the money and the looks you can create with it is out of this world.

This lip colour is absolutely gorgeous, it is my description of a PERFECT nude (which we all know can be hard to find). This lip colour is really easy to apply over a lip liner and gives a perfect finish to my make-up look.
I love pairing this lip colour with Bare minerals gen nude- On point lip liner as this gives the perfect base colour and is really easy to apply because it is really bendable and perfect for making you look as if you have naturally big lips.

 Smash Box photo finish primer
This primer is AMAZING, honestly the best that I have ever tried. I can not rave about this product enough, its life changing. This primer is so easy to apply and has a perfect silky feeling on your skin which allows your foundation to easily apply and last all day, and I mean all day. I could not recommend this product enough. Just trust me on it.

Urban Decay make-up setting spray
This spray is definitely a staple in my everyday makeup routine, this was one of the first products that I really invested in when I first started getting into doing my makeup, purely because I have oily skin and I really struggle with keeping my makeup in place throughout the day, but this changed everything. I literally can't  leave my house without spraying this on my face, it gives me so much more longevity in my makeup and I don't think I could live without it.

Mary Lou- Manizer
Highlighter is one of my favourite things about my make-up routine, I'm pretty sure it is nearly everyone's favourite. However, when this product first came out it never really intrigued me but the last few months my best 
friend had been raving on about it and telling me how amazing it is, and my god was she right. Ever since I purchased this I cannot stop using it, it has easily became one of my all time favourite products and an essential to my everyday life.  This product is honestly amazing, the highlight is a perfect golden shade which gives the perfect finishing touch to my make-up.  I love it.


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