Saturday, 18 March 2017

it's okay to be you..

"It's okay to be you" is saying I've heard on numerous occasions over the last few years, but for some reason this year I finally listened to it. Being yourself is something that I have noticed many people struggle to do, mainly teenage girls, including myself.
The last few days I have replayed thousands of scenarios in my head of different times in which I may have altered myself to appear more pleasing and interesting to others, I also spent a lot of day's following others. WHY? WHY DID I DO THIS?

If someone doe's not take you as you are and see the beauty within you then you are not the one at fault its purely their stupidity. Don't let it get to you.
Society is constantly developing and trying to influence others, its full of people that have changed themselves so much that there is no going back, don't get involved in it, it's not worth losing yourself just to create someone else. Always remain true to yourself and you can not go wrong. I promise.
A lot of people want to follow the crowd to fulfil themselves and feel special but the truth is they only do it because its easy, they don't want to face the challenges that life throws at them.
So be strong, have courage and faith in yourself, you are still breathing after all so make the most your of life and always show people exactly what you are made of.

Don't be afraid to always BE YOU!

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