Wednesday, 15 March 2017

25 Facts about me

I've spent this entire day trying to figure out things that I can discuss on here, things that are of interest to others and at the moment I have nothing. Absolutely Nothing. In time, I want this blog to grow I want it to become something that I am proud of, at the moment I am currently saving up for a brilliant camera which will allow me to take loads of arty shots to make this blog well lets just say a lot more aesthetically pleasing. It could do with some TLC. However, I am aware that this will take time and for now I am really beginning to take a new-found interest in writing these posts, even if they are boring. Who cares?

So for the time being let me BORE you with 25 facts about me, about time that we got to know one and other isn't it??

  1. I want to travel the world
  2. I love kinder chocolate (I'm sort of obsessed)
  3. I am only 17 and I am studying A Levels at school, and it is STRESSFUL
  4. I am a very organised and hate being late for anything
  5. I will eat any food that is placed in front of me ( I can't help it) 
  6. I over think way too much, I guess everyone does
  7. The sun automatically makes me smile, which doesn't happen much saying as I live in Ireland
  8.  I can often appear  shy when I first meet people, but very quickly warm up to others
  9. I have an addiction to buying makeup, doesn't every girl?
  10. I never worry about the past, but the future scares me a lot
  11. I don't have any regrets in life, well so far
  12. Laughing is my cure for pretty much everything
  13. I  absolutely HATE liars, its just one thing I can't stand
  14. My friends and family are my favourite people in this world
  15.  I don't ever want to grow up, honestly why can't I stay 17 for ever
  16. I have never really been the party type of person
  17. I am really goal orientated
  18. I am quite the hoarder ( I keep everything)
  19. I enjoy getting lost, is that weird?
  20. I spend all my time binge watching TV shows, it's literally all I do
  21. I want to visit California so bad
  22. I buy healthy cooking books to make me feel better about my diet, lol.
  23. I care what people think way too much
  24. I can not stand maths, I just do not understand it one bit
  25. I find myself a lot funnier than I actually am


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