Sunday, 16 July 2017

4 Bloggers Who Constantly Inspire Me

The blogging world is  constantly expanding which I absolutely love, finding  new bloggers and reading their passionate posts is one of my fav things to do but there is five kickass bloggers who constantly inspire me to do better at pretty much everything and I want to dedicate this post to them because I don't think I would be writing on this blog if it wasn't for them in the first place.


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Creating A Colourful Eyelook Using The Morphe 35C Palette

One of my favourite things to do is experiment with different eyeshadow palettes, I mean having that free power to really get creative and paint your face in different ways is definitely a lot of fun. Now I am not even close to being a make-up artist but I thought I would show you all how I created this colourful eye look using the Morphe 35C Palette .


Saturday, 8 July 2017

It's All In The Details

The other day I decided to splurge out and purchase the dreamiest denim jacket, which I am honestly head over heels in LOVE with.  I first saw this jacket when I was having a quick browse on New Look and if I'm being completely honest I was feeling a little daring from the moment I saw this jacket, want to know why? it's WHITE, oh what I have done, we all know that this is only going to end one way.

I think I have around five denim jackets, just a little bit obsessed I know but I personally think that  Denim Jackets are the perfect thing to throw on all year round, so why not have a few.  However, the jacket nor the colour is the actual purpose of this post, it's the details. The floral embroidery is so stunning which is why the small details on this jacket just scream summer to me, the details that may totally have been the reason I purchased this beaut oversized jacket when I certainly wasn't suppose to be looking for anything to buy.

But I meannn just  look at it, I couldn't let a jacket like that pass me by could I?


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Quick Trip To Liverpool

A few days ago I took my first solo trip to Liverpool  I was going on a residential, however, I'm 17 and I knew absolutely no one which was veryyy scary but I got through it. 

But lets talk Liverpool itself, I don't think I have ever fallen in love with a city faster than I did with Liverpool which is strange for me because I normally take a few days to warm up to places, I was fortunate enough that the weather was beaut for my trip which made the place 10x better.  I sort of want to keep this post short and simple because you don't need me  justifying how amazing Liverpool is you probably already know, so I'm just going to give you a quick summary of my fav places in Liverpool.

Liverpool One
This shopping centre is one of the best shopping centres I have ever seen, everything is in walking distance so you can visit all the shops in literally one day you have Zara, Holister, Forever 21, Topshop, Adidas, Victoria Secret you name it Liverpool One pretty much has it, I was literally in aww at every shop as we don't have the half of them in Ireland so you can imagine how much of a hit my bank account took.

St Johns Garden
This was one of my favourite areas of Liverpool, it had such gorgeous flowers and such a relaxing vibe which I just loved.

Liverpool World Museum
This is the largest museum in Liverpool so as soon as I found out that it was FREE yes free to visit I just had to have a wonder around it, it was a brilliant museum with five floors filled to the brim with history.

Liverpool Cathedral
If you ever get the chance to visit Liverpool definitely check out the Cathedral it is absolutely breath taking.

If your a lover of a good old burger and chips then get yourself to your nearest GBK, honestly what are you waiting for. I had previously heard so many good reviews about this place from some of my fav youtubers so you could imagine my excitement when I walked through the door. GBK is located in Liverpool One and the food was beyond incredible, I really don't know how I'm planning on living without it until my next trip to Liverpool. (GBK, if you're reading this come to Ireland soon, please.)

I honestly had the best time in Liverpool so thank you so much to John Moore's University for taking me it was a trip of a lifetime.


Sunday, 25 June 2017

My New Favourite Palette

I am so happy to have finally gotten my hands on the Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Beach Goddess Palette. Ashley is someone who I grew up loving so being able to purchase make-up products by her is incredible and so surreal for me, but this isn't what you want to hear, so let me tell you why this beautiful palette has quickly become my favourite palette.


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A Casual Outfit For A Casual Day

Do you ever have those days were you just want to throw on some comfy clothes but you have so much to do, so you know that you have to at least make a little bit of an effort? If I'm being honest I have these days pretty much everyday and I am now beginning to LOVE them, especially now that I have made a few cheeky purchases to make my outfits look a little more cute.


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Reviewing Tanya Burr Cosmetics

In my opinion Tanya Burr is one of the most successful influencers in today's society and she constantly kills it at no matter what she does, over the last few years Tanya and lets not forget her incredible team have created one of the best cosmetic lines that I have seen, plus everything has been put at such affordable prices which makes it even better. I've tried a lot of Tanya's products because I just can't help myself,  I think it's sort of an addiction. Thanks Tan.

I've decided to pick out some of my fav Tanya Burr products and give you a quick little review which will leave you wanting to quickly purchase pretty much every product, apologies in advance.

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